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About GFI Group

Our business model is guided by three core values: Genuine, Focused, & Innovative (GFI). GFI Group is committed to providing you with solutions designed to transform your business into a trademark. GFI Group invest in Research and development. Our solutions are web-based with a mix of Python, Oracle Forms, Java Applets, Oracle APEX, JavaScript, PHP and pure HTML development and we keep up to date with progress in these technology areas. We also do business consulting services, corporate training, secretarial services, business planning, company registrations, website designs, graphic designing, website hosting, business emails, financial statements, accounting & bookkeeping, tax, advisory, audit, and many more.

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South Africa

Phone: +27 67 286 0786
WhatsApp: +27 67 286 0786
Email: [email protected]
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Phone: +264 81 418 2034
WhatsApp: +264 81 418 2034
Email: [email protected]
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