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VAT Registration in Namibia

We offer affordable VAT Registration in Namibia. VAT is levied at the standard rate of 15% on the supply of most goods and services and on the importation of goods. It is mandatory for a person who carries on a business with an annual taxable turnover above N$500,000 to apply for VAT registration. A person may choose to register for VAT if the annual taxable turnover does not exceed N$500,000 but exceeds N$200,000 but will not be registered if the Commissioner is satisfied that such a person:

  • Has no fixed residence or place of business.
  • Does not keep proper accounting records.
  • Has previously been registered but failed to comply with the Act; and
  • Has failed to comply with the Income Tax Act.

Every registered person who is liable for the payment of value added tax is required to maintain accounting records in the English language at the place of business in Namibia.

Documents Required

We need the following information for VAT registration in Namibia. An application for VAT registration should be accompanied by:

  • Proof of Banking Details
  • Fitness Certificate – We can assist to register without. Contact us.
  • Founding Statement
  • Indication of expected turnover for 12 months.
VAT Registration Namibia
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VAT No. Registration
Proof of Banking Details
Fitness Certificate
Founding Statement
12 months cashflow projection
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A registered person must submit a VAT return on or before 25th day of the month following the end of the period.

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