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Which SSL Certificate is Best for my Business

  • By GFI Group
  • August 12, 2020

Installing an SSL Certificate is absolutely crucial to every modern website. Google will penalize you for not having one and you will severely downgrade the security of your users. By not having an SSL certificate installed, users of your website will be sending their data across the internet without any encryption. Anyone snooping can see exactly what information is being sent (usernames, passwords, credit card info etc) and use it for all kinds of nefarious reasons. Whereas with an SSL Certificate installed, that information is first encrypted before being sent across the internet.

Some Web Hosting Companies, like GFI Group, offer free SSL Certificates with all hosting accounts. But you also get paid SSL Certificates which can have hefty price tags attached. So why is there such a huge disparity in prices and is it really worth spending the extra bucks?

This article will look at the different types of SSL Certificates available today and why you would consider opting for a paid SSL Certificate over a FREE one. ​